About Us
About Us

Our Short Story

We have always been fascinated with the cannabis industry. Ever since we were young, we’ve dreamed of operating a cannabis business, which was a pretty natural place for us to end up considering our personalities. Once we actually started to work in the industry though, the fascination and excitement went away. The reality is that the space is filled with large corporations and boring brands that were built to market to a demographic. Everything looks the same and they charge you a pretty penny for the facade of a premium product. Even with the pretty artwork and crafty designs, none of the brands spoke to us and we didn’t feel connected to any of it. All of the brands were missing the same thing, but we couldn’t figure it out. After trudging through yet another content creation session, we figured it out and it had been right in front of our face the whole time.

  • TORCH is a brand that is founded on convenience, affordability and most importantly fun.
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